A group of LED lamps handmade with reclaimed timber and an upcycled glass jar


A small nightlight that celebrates being made from recycled materials. 3 of these are available. Each is the same except for natural differences in the texture of the materials.

These use low voltage 12v lamps and a ‘plug in’ transformer.

  • 3 sturdy legs with ‘atomic’ style feet
  • 200mm tall
  • Subtle 1w LED lamp
  • Salvaged plywood and timber, up-cycled glass jar
  • 3d printed lamp fixing in responsible PLA plastic

With the right additional wiring (not supplied), these can be powered by the 12v sockets in a car, motorcycle or caravan…

£35 each (inc UK postage & packing). 3 are available.


£55 each (inc international postage & packing). 3 are available.