A confident and colourful lamp that stands on a sturdy base. Designed to stand on the floor, this lamp provides great, low level light from a corner or fire place etc.
Coloured bead details are arranged randomly around the reclaimed timber body. The polished aluminium base is wide and stable, up-cycled from an old washing machine pulley.

The very efficient LED bulb is bright, but generates very little heat. The glass does not get too hot. The lamp is controlled with a foot switch – push on and then push off again etc.


  • Reclaimed hardwood and birch plywood.
  • Recycled washing machine pulley.
  • Bead detail and reclaimed chandelier pieces.
  • A large, up-cycled, glass jar, frosted inside to diffuse light.
  • 3d printed lamp-holder.
  • Robust foot switch.