Detail of the book cover for 'An Architectural Model'

“An Architectural Model”, the book.

An Architectural Model by Will Strange is available to buy now, via the links below. This is Will’s first book and sets out to explain some of the techniques that, though used by professioanl modelmakers regularly, are not often described in detail

Both printed and .pdf versions are available from the Lulu bookshop. An ebook is in development that will be available for Kindle, Android, and iPad / iPhone via the ibooks store soon. Watch this space…

From the book’s introduction:

“Many books are available that describe the use of scale models in ‘getting to’ the design of buildings and structures. Many offer insight into the history, meaning and importance of the act of modelmaking. It is the aim of this book to do neither of those and instead to offer a description of the techniques employed by professional modelmakers in the making of a great many commercial models that are commissioned regularly.”

From the back cover:

“Models for exhibitions, trade fairs, public consultation and marketing make up the ‘bread and butter’ of the professional architectural modelmaking industry. These are often not ‘glamorous’ or ‘artistic’ objects, but they serve their purpose well and offer an interesting technical challenge to their makers.

By describing the construction of a simple commercial architectural model, this book shows some of the tools, materials and techniques employed by professional modelmakers. There are many different ways to make most parts of a model like this.

This book gives a basic introduction that can be built upon with practice and the study of other models.

This is a book for students of modelmaking and architecture, those interested in teaching or learning professional modelmaking and anyone with a wider interest in making and craftsmanship.”

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