About & FAQs

Who is Will Strange?

I am university lecturer, professional modelmaker and designer/maker living and working in Dorset, UK. I accept commisions for architectural modelmaking and I design & make what you see here. After many years working as a professional architectural modelmaker, I am now a teacher, but I continue to make things all the time. Whenever possible I try to use my design and making work to teach and inspire students of design and modelmaking.

Find out more about the BA (Hons) Modelmaking course to see more about what I teach at The Arts University Bournemouth.

This site is an online gallery to show my work and make it available for sale.

Why use recycled materials?

It really bugs me to see useful materials go to waste. I know from experience that its just not possible to use every last tiny piece of material to make things, there will always be some waste. I want the know that I have taken at least some of this and shown how it could be turned into something beautiful, useful or at least interesting.

It bugs me even more that so many things are made ugly and soul-less so that they appeal to as many markets as possible. I design for simplicity and longevity, and also for character. Some people may not love what I design. That’s fine, hopefully there’s another designer out there making something for them…

Are all of the lamps individual?

Yes, each lamp is unique. Sometimes an edition of lamps are similar, but details will vary to make sure that no two are the same. I use 3d printing to produce many of the bespoke parts that I need. This means that I can make a one-off part just as easily as I could produce many.

What so great about LEDs?

LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) use very little energy, compared to conventional lightbulbs while producing the same brightness. They produce very little heat and last many times longer than traditional lightbulbs.

Is recycled lighting safe?

All electrical components are new, with the occasional exception of cords and plugs when good quality used ones are available. All mains lamps are fitted with 3A fuses. (sometimes a reused plug may be labeled ’13A’, but the fuse inside will always be changed). Low voltage (12v) lamps always use ready made transformers to ensure safety.

In a globalised world, I believe that we have little choice but to consume some new stuff that has been mass manufactured and shipped around the world. Let’s make that stuff last, use it only when we need to and try not to take modern manufacturing for granted. Read ‘The Toaster Project’. It’ll change your life…

Environmental impact?

Timber and metal parts of my lamps are always either reused material or made from material that would otherwise be wasted (offcuts from industry, reject material etc.)

I avoid painted finishes in favour of self finished materials. I like to finish timber with natural beeswax.

Only similar materials are glued together permanently. I try to make sure that, if you really want to, you could dismantle my designs easily and re-use the materials again. I try to keep in mind the principles of ‘Cradle to Cradle’, but on a smaller, more local scale…

3d printers use only the material that is need to make parts. No material is turned into dust and chips during production. The PLA material that I print with is plant based and, eventually, fully biodegradable.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. Lamps can be modified to work with US and European electrical systems. Let me know when you order and I will provide a bulb of the correct voltage rating and the right plug.

I’d rather everyone looked for their things locally before shipping things around the world, but I’m trying to make (some of) my living here! I have to source some new parts internationally, to make things cost effective.

Why should I buy something so simple? Couldn’t I just make one for myself?

Yes, you probably could! Go ahead, make your own. Email me for advice if you get stuck!… I design for simple construction because I make things myself. As I often teach my students, ‘the most effective design is usually the simplest’.

Seriously, I believe that the world needs more people to make stuff for themselves. Please do make one for yourself! I share the CAD files for 3d printing my lamp parts via thingiverse.